How is the real estate market in Hilton Head?  This is a question we get asked constantly.  This market breakdown offers the best answer to that question.

While it’s always good to look at a month’s review, I will be focusing on the year to date information that is also included in this report.

  • Days on the market (DOM) are down by 10.5%
  • Average price is up by 6.7%
  • Inventory is down by 5.9%
  • Closed sales are up by 14.7%
  • % of list price remains steady at 96.6%

These statistics are showing that we are still in a Seller’s market. But is the trend going to change? There is talk that yes, the market may be heading for a turn in the Seller/Buyer seesaw.  

I believe that homes that are priced correctly for the market will continue to sell.  Some of our Sellers have gotten a bit overambitious with their pricing. While some Buyers will pay an “over market” price, others will take a step back and wait. It all boils down to how badly a Buyer wants a particular property