Let’s Get Started!

LET’S GET STARTED!!  Well, you’ve  reached the first step by visiting my website Seaside Living HHI.  Congratulations and welcome.  Next comes the fun part.  Contact me and we can begin the process of discovering what it is that will interest you in our real estate market.

Would you like a  house or villa?  Maybe you want a home site that you can build on?  How many bedrooms are you looking for?   Will this be a  primary residence or second/vacation property?  Will you be renting the property when you’re not using it?

Will it be just for personal use for your family and friends?  Are you interested in being close to the beach? Do you golf or  play tennis?  These are all important  questions that will help me locate the best possible properties for you.   Let’s put my 30 years of experience to work for you.

First let’s  narrow down the size, shape, location and price range of what will interest you.  Please fill out the form and I’ll get in touch with you so that we can begin the journey.  I appreciate the opportunity to share my expertise with you. Let’s explore Seaside Living HHI together

All the best, Chris