Seaside Living HHI is calling? Are you ready to own a piece of Hilton Head Paradise?

Purchasing a home can be a complex process.  My job is to make this process as painless as possible.   I will help you navigate the ever-changing housing market. With new lending and insurance requirements,  closing statement regulations and more,  let me help you find the right home.  Hilton Head is calling…are you ready to answer?

Are you looking for a home or a villa?  How many bedrooms do you want?  Do you have any particular location in mind? What is your price range? In a way, there is something for everyone. Many of our owners start out as investment/second home buyers and become full time owners as they get closer to retirement age. Many baby boomers have found our semi-tropical weather and lifestyle to be just perfect!

The Buying Process
More informed Buyers have a better experience.  Your buying experience should be educational and enjoyable.  I have the resources to guide you through the home finding process, providing you with everything from detailed property searches to neighborhood information. Visit to read some great tips about the buying process and more.

Below, I have included a general step-by-step list to help explain the home buying process.   I welcome the opportunity to help you learn more about Seaside Living HHI.

1. Determine your needs and budget

 Its a good idea to define what type of house, neighborhood, and location best suits your needs and lifestyle. Have fun with this! Is a garage important to you? What kind of view would you like…wooded, lagoon, golf, marsh or ocean? Imagine your dream home, while also taking into account your financial considerations. Have a wish list but be prepared to give up a few if need be.

Once you share these details with me, I can offer feedback and advice.  Then we develop a plan and goal moving forward.

2. Get pre-approved for a loan

First, meet with a loan officer. Sharing income and financial information will give you a price range for which you are qualified. If you need help, I can offer contact information for a few choices for you to contact.

  • Get Pre-qualified
  • Obtain a pre-approval letter
  • Obtain a “Truth in Lending” letter explaining the costs of borrowing money
  • Learn about the many loans available to buyers in today’s market
  • Learn about closing costs
  • Get Educated  on the process

3. House search!

With your wish list in mind, I will scout the marketplace on your behalf. When I find properties that meet your criteria, we can review them and schedule a tour.

  • When possible, all decision-makers should visit the various homes
  • Always be candid–it will help me understand your particular needs

4. Prepare the offer


Once we have found the right property, I will help you determine an appropriate offer price by reviewing market trends and similar home sales. With your input, I will draft a written offer that outlines the price, terms and conditions.  It is imperative that you carefully review the contract and clarify any aspects that are not clear to you prior to offering.

  • I will go through the contract with you and complete your offer
  • Negotiations are one of my strengths.  I will work hard to ensure that you get the best price, terms and conditions based on market pricing and sales.
  • All documents will be sent your attorney.

5. Make your loan application

  • Give your loan officer a copy of the contract and apply for the loan

6. Inspect the property

In order to ensure your safety and the value of your investment, it is important to have the proper personnel thoroughly inspect the house after the offer and loan terms have been finalized.

  • Select an inspector and arrange for  a general inspection.
  • We will then review the findings and make a list of items to be repaired that fall under the contractual obligations of the Seller.

7. Appraisal and survey of property

  • The lender and title company will make arrangements for the property appraisal and survey
  • Buyer will be provided a copy of the Title Commitment Letter
  • Buyer will make arrangements for any/all required  insurance.

8. Seller’s closing is also arranged

  • Buyer receives a copy of the closing statement for review prior to closing
  • Buyer does a final walk-through inspection of the property
  • The attorneys arrange a closing date and time with the buyer.  If you live elsewhere, the closing can be done by power of attorney or by Express Mailed documents. Seller’s closing is also arranged through their attorney.
  • Buyer brings a cashiers check for all closing costs and the balance of the down payment

9. After closing

Your attorney will prepare the necessary documents required for closing such as title examination, payoff statements and deed. On the closing day you will sign all documents. The seller will be paid and you will receive the keys.
Congratulations, you just bought a new home!